Rubeus Remus Potter. You were named after the only two people at Hogwarts who seemed to give shit about me, because come on who else would I name you after? A verbally abusive dickbag who was in love with my mum and gave me shit all my life and someone who convinced a bunch of children that they needed to be soldiers? What kind of awful aspirations would that make you end up having? Come on son I’m not an idiot…

"Here, give me your bag."

mythology and themes in each of the seasons

Actresses that I absolutely adore - I’ve always been a black sheep. That’s a hard thing to be until you find your calling in life. I was bullied a lot at school, probably because I was perceived to be different from everyone else. But it’s so much of a relief when something works out for you as acting has done for me. I do believe in a kind of rough justice. I wouldn’t regard myself as a success just yet, and I don’t want to jinx it, but I do feel vindicated by what I’ve achieved so far.


we are the last generation whose baby photos weren’t taken on phones

I change my theme but don’t worry i’m still the same


Game of Thrones season 4 spoilers


Game of Thrones season 4 spoilers

Let your followers can get to know you !

1. State your name: Aurelie
2. State the name that your parents almost named you: well still Aurelie
3. Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? I would like to go and say my sister but we don’t really see each other so my brother i think
5. Did anything embarrassing happen this week? Not really i wasn’t in town so
6. Do you miss your ex? Nope
7. White chocolate or dark chocolate? White chocolate !
8. Do people praise you for your looks? Yep ! But not like always
9. What is your favourite colour of clothing to wear? Black or baby pink or magenta or brown i can’t choose one 
10. How do you wear your makeup? Lot of eyeliner, concealer, sometimes mascara and i tend to wear lipstick more often these times
11.What are some of your nicknames? Aurelyyy
12. How many bedrooms are in your house? 4
13. How many bathrooms? 2
14. Do you have a job? Nope I just don’t have the time to
15. Do you have a car? No I live in Paris I don’t need to
16. Do you work out every week? LOL nope
18. Have you ever kissed someone you never saw again? Yep
19. Have you ever sung in front of a crowd? When I was a child mostly
20. What kind of bathing suit do you wear? Bikini
21. Do you like your eyes? Yep
22. Do you think you are pretty? Kind of 
23. Who was the last person you talked to in person? My brother
24. How much money is in your account? I don’t have any account I like cash
25. Are you single? Yep
26. Do you want kids? Gosh no
27. Tell me what your backpack looks like: It’s actually a brown satchel bag in leather 
28. What celebrity do you think is hot? Ruth Negga, Mark Ruffalo
29. Last movie you saw in theatres: Life of Riley by Alain Resnais
30. Are you dating the same person you dated last year? I don’t dating anybody right now
31. Has someone you were dating ever cheated on you? I don’t think so
32. Have you ever cheated? Nope
33: Have you kissed someone whose name starts with a ‘J’? I think so but I am bad at names when I’m drunk
34: What do you like to do in your spare time? Drawing, watching movies (but as I study cinema it isn’t really spare time), tv shows, hanging out with my friends

"Just because you miss someone, it doesn’t mean you should go back to them. Sometimes you have to just keep missing them until you wake up one morning and realise that you don’t anymore."


curse the things that made me sad for so long